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Toggles in your lock screen with LockToggle

August 25th, 2013

locktoggleWhen it comes to jailbreak we all have that craziness regarding apps, tweaks or customization. No wonder most people when getting an iPhone are rushing to jailbreak. Well today I am going to present you a tweak that makes it part of my craziness. As a reminder, in order to install tweaks, themes you need to jailbreak and then get your cydia download. To continue our presentation, this tweak is about toggles in lock screen, it’s called LockToggle. Right after installation it positions itself on top of the slide to unlock. You can get Brightness, Volume, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, Turn off, Restart, Rotate Lock, Do not disturb and 3G toggles.

Why I need them there, you may ask. Well let’s take some examples and see the application of tweak. For example I adjusted the brightness of the screen and I need to lower it, for this I need to unlock my device then navigate all my way to settings and adjust. Same thing goes for volume even though you have volume rocker but maybe is not working. For Wi-Fi and Bluetooth you know the drill to conserve battery or maybe you have in your background skype and want to switch to wireless. Using this tweak you can also toggle fast some important features like Turn off and Restart, so no more long press power button to turn off your device. Do not disturb is quite handy. As you can see there is a reason to have toggles on your lock screen.

iPad version of Auxo

June 13th, 2013

You may know or tried Auxo for iPhone but have you tried the iPad version? Recently launched this wonderful tweak replaces that simpler and useless task manager. I loved the iPhone version but seeing the iPad version all changed.

auxo ipad toggles


Just like in the iPhone version you just swipe up on an open app to close apps. But you can also close a group or all apps that are in the multi task manager. You can do this by tapping and holding on an app until you will get a message about closing all the apps. As for groups apps all is very simple you can use the feature of multi gesture to swipe multiple apps to close them. There is also a redesigned music control; you have also the AirPlay function and album artwork that can appear on the entire screen. Just like the iPhone version you have toggles where you can have up to 7 toggles per line where navigating between lines is by swiping up down. Another interesting feature about these toggles is if you tap and hold one of them it will open the settings page associated to that. Arranging those toggles is simple, you just go to the settings page of Auxo where you can set which toggles should be visible or not. There are a total of 14 toggles but sadly the one that is missing from here is the respring toggle. This wonderful tweak supports also landscape and that’s not all. When you change to landscape even the thumbnails opened apps will switch to landscape mode.

auxo ipad settings

Even though it is new I suggest you should give a try this wonderful cydia tweak. You can find this in the BigBoss repo. If you have the iPhone version you can get this of just $0.99 or if you are new in the Auxo world you can get it for $1.99.

Pull to refresh Safari ready for iOS 6

March 22nd, 2013

If you are that kind of guy who is inseparable from social networks like Twitter or Facebook, then you most likely are familiar with the function pull to refresh as a default function for any iDevice. So it’s unexpected to see exactly how sluggish Apple has actually been to bring this function to its apps. In iOS 6, Apple has added and featured their own implementation of Pull To Refresh in Mail. Regrettably this hasn’t enabled to every of Apple’s internet-enabled apps; Safari still lacks this functionality.

pull to refresh

Obviously, jailbreakers could use this feature since iOS 4 of Pull To Refresh Safari since iOS 4. Instead of pushing a little icon, we might just take the screen down and refresh the active application. Now the tweak has been upgraded to work with iOS 6.

My one frustration with Pull To Revitalize Safari’s iOS 6 update is the animation hasn’t already been altered to match the default Mail application’s stretchy water-droplet effect. The inequality isn’t the designer’s mistake, Apple determined to opt for a somewhat different animation for their formal implementation, yet the shortage of cohesion in between the 2 techniques makes me feel like I’m using a third-party browser.

That said, Take To Refresh Safari functions well in iOS 6. This tweak is available for free on the BigBoss repo.

Two tweaks for Notification Center, TorchNC and InstaSnap

March 13th, 2013

Hi everyone, today we’re going to talk about two tweaks that I find interesting, TorchNC and InstaSnap. So let’s begin.


TorchNC is a cost-free jailbreak tweak that can be downloaded and install from Cydia’s ModMyi repo. It’s in fact a sequel to a tweak know as Torch. That tweak, also, enabled you to easily interface via the LED Flash, however it didn’t have the convenience of Notification Center included.


Once installed, turning on TorchNC is as easy as going to the Settings application, picking Notifications, and adding TorchNC to Notification Center. Once included, just wipe down on the status bar to disclose Notification Center, and make use of the “Tap to torch” button to enable and disable the LED flashlight.


While both tweaks might look the very same in Notification Center, their features are drastically various. InstaSnap is a basic faster way to the Instagram camera. I don’t know if you’re anything like me and have lots of applications installed and placed within various folders, yet at times I have a hard time promptly locating the specific application that I should utilize.


It goes without saying, numerous wonderful picture possibilities have passed me by, since I had not been quick enough on the draw when opening up the Video camera app. InstaSnap handles this problem by placing a shortcut straight within Notification Center that will arm the video camera part within Instagram. Once you push the faster way button, the Instagram video camera prepares to terminate within a couple of sec. Obviously you will require Instagram installed and be logged into your Instagram account prior to utilizing InstaSnap.

Resize any photos to send the via MMS using Small4MMS

December 7th, 2012

If you are looking at the photos size in your Apple iPhone’s Camera Roll, you will see that the majority of files are in MB. While this may not seem as well a great deal at 1st peek, also a 1MB file can easily seem very large if you are utilizing your data mobile connection to share it. Apart from that, iOS almost always has difficulty when it pertains to distributing relatively large photos by means of MMS.

There is no way of recognizing the dimension of the picture being delivered ahead, and if it surpasses your carrier limit, you could end up accidentally sending a number of MMS. Thanks to the jailbreak community, there is currently a simple answer to that complication. Small4MMS is a Cydia tweak that compresses photos in your jailbroken Apple iPhone or iPad, trimming them down to standard MMS size. The tweak saves the compressed photos as brand-new copies of existing ones, so you don’t can worry about irreversibly modifying photos in your iPhone.

Small4SMS jobs by adding a brand-new button in the options menu of each photo within the stock Photos application. The diminishing button is included at the end of the alternative listing, simply below Print. The button shows the image file’s size, and tapping it will definitely diminish the file immediately. If the image is currently little, Small4MMS leaves it the same, and is intelligent sufficient to not compress every photo. In the situation of small pictures, you will certainly obtain a notice explaining that no compression is needed, and you ought to use the photo as it is. If a picture does have a considerable dimension, Small4MMs will definitely produce a copy of it that has quite a reduced size as compared to the original image. In this instance, again, you will certainly see a notice educating you of the compression’s success. In our viewpoint, the premium of pictures compressed by Small4MMS is not lessened noticeably, and you will not really miss your old, large-sized photo at all, however still, if photo high quality is very important to you, it is suggested to keep the initial picture saved in your iPhone.

Is accessible as a complimentary download in the Cydia store, and comes without any configurable choices. It is offered as a free download in the Cydia store, and comes without any type of configurable options.